The We Vow Project


A national campaign of love to inspire, engage and empower young people to take action against social injustice -- intolerance, racism, poverty and bullying -- in their communities.


it all began with a song: listen here

“We learn from what we see…and see a world that’s closed its eyes to the pain we allow. We’re young but we are strong. We know what’s right from wrong and we stand before you now…We choose love. We vow.” 

video: The Making of We Vow

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You Are Changing The World! Check Out Some Of YOUR Vows below.

We promise not to bully. Bullies might get in trouble. So always tell an adult.
— Thurgha, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 4

Rachel, OTTAWA

Rachel started an initiative at her school sharing a special video message, vowing to stop bullying in their school. 

We vow to not judge people by their skin colour
— Rachel, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 4
I vow to volunteer before school to help serve the school breakfast program. No child should ever have to be hungry and I want to make sure I show that with my actions.
— Hudson, Age 9, Toronto
We vow to donate clothes to homeless people and people in shelters
— Meno and Susan, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 5


Nathan, age 11, has vowed to gather friends together to clean up garbage at the neighborhood playground where children play. 

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We Vow to challenge the prevailing social narrative, highlight the creativity of young people and impact meaningful change through community commitment, music, stories, poetry, videos – expressions of love in action.

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Take Action

Every day kids experience intolerance, racism, poverty and bullying. Too often, it's easier to turn a blind eye. Stop ignoring it and take action...

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