We Vow announces quarterly community Give-back Campaign: Fresh Start Packages

We’ve had a busy year at We Vow. Working with educators, we’re proud to announce our curriculum is now being used by teachers across Canada and the US!

We Vow is a national campaign of love to inspire, engage and empower young people to take action against social injustice -- intolerance, racism, poverty and bullying -- in their communities.

We’re proud to announce the first of our quarterly community give-back campaigns: Fresh Start Packages. We’ll be assembling packages for distribution before the new year, to women and children of domestic abuse, living in shelters, with a specific focus on empowering the women to establish themselves in their new lives.  

Packages will include toiletries, makeup, sanitary products, casual clothing and one job interview appropriate outfit to make sure she has the best foot forward from the start.

We call on you, our supporters to help us by donating cash, or new essentials noted above. Do you work in retail or fashion and know of samples, unsold merchandise or last season’s garments? Donations or deep discounts are welcome!

Help us #WeVow #WeVowLove this season.  We encourage you share this experience at home or in the classroom, in a discussion with your children.  Together we can create an army of young social justice crusaders!  

Questions or donations can be addressed to wevowlove@gmail.com.  

Corporations, we are a registered Not-For-Profit and graciously accept corporate donations and partnerships too!



Melissa Davis

Executive Director – We Vow