We Vow: A new youth social justice campaign launches across Canada

TORONTO, March 21, 2017 /CNW/ - We Vow, a new national youth campaign, has officially launched with a mission to inspire, engage and empower young people taking action against social injustice ­­-- intolerance, racism, poverty and bullying -- in their communities.

The We Vow campaign, which began with a song written by a father and daughter, asks young people to re-imagine the world as it could be, and act on it. From a place of love, We Vow urges all of us towards a higher version of ourselves.

The campaign's website, WeVow.ca, invites young people to commit to specific actions – vows – designed to improve their schools, families, neighbourhoods and communities. From raising money for local social service agencies to volunteering with breakfast programs to shoveling snow for neighbours in need, young people are asked to make a difference, share their acts of love with WeVow.ca, spread the word and inspire others. 

Stories and images of the most creative and impactful "vows" will be profiled on WeVow.ca each month and earn a "heart" on the Canadian map of We Vow contributions.

We Vow also invites creative expressions – songs, short stories, poems, videos and visual art -- of the campaign's central message: choosing love.

Young artists of all kinds are asked to submit their work at WeVow.ca. Distinguished panels of artists will review each submission for possible profile online each month. The artists and their work will form a growing repository of creative expression around youth positivity in action.

The best of the stories, art and inspirations will be featured in a We Vow event in Toronto in April 2018.


  • We Vow started with a song expressing a father's love for his daughter and the things she showed him through the innocence of a child's eye.
  • After a conversation between Toronto journalist Robert Cribb and his daughter, Alexandra, about intolerance and injustice in the world, the two sat down at the piano and started writing.
  • The result – We Vow -- became a song for Ally's school choir last year.
  • Paula Griffith, Ally's vocal coach and a renowned singer in Toronto, added her soaring voice to an early recording of the song.
  • Then, the St. John School choir in Toronto, along with young people from other choirs around the city, joined to participate in the cause.
  • Through word of mouth, the message spread and interest in the community grew. Friends and musicians contributed to the song.
  • A community of artists, media and designers was moved to act. Dozens contributed their unique expertise and wisdom graciously to make this happen.

The song is a representation of how the message of love can pull people together from different communities and interests to give of themselves for the common good. A journalist and his daughter, writing about the injustices of the world, vowed to make a difference. They used their words to make a change through the power of a song. 

Can a song change the world? It already has.

See how at WeVow.ca, or email us to learn more about our project and how to get involved.

Connect with us on Twitter @wevowlove, Instagram @wevow, and Facebook @wevowsocial


For further information: Robert Cribb, Co-founder, We Vow, wevowlove@gmail.com; Paula Griffith, Co-founder, We Vow, wevowlove@gmail.com