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We Vow is a youth-based social justice movement based on tangible commitments. This is a digital space where young people -- and people of all ages can make "vows" committing to acts of love and understanding in the face of daily examples around us of unfair judgement, discrimination and abuse. We seek to change our communities across Canada, from schoolyards to local shelters to playgrounds and city streets. It will make us all more connected, more engaged, more informed and just more downright happy.


Your donation allows us to grow our school and community program initiatives. Building on our volunteer network, We Vow needs funding to expand the message across Canada, manage and market the artistic works of our young contributors and build toward a major event in Toronto in April 2018 bringing together our vowers, celebrating their accomplishments and spreading the message.  

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Make your Vow today and tell friends and family about the issues that you want to change. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Vow now and make an impact!

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Our strategic partnerships with schools, youth groups and grass roots organizations amplify our message.  We need your help! Learn more about our school and community partners and how to bring We Vow to yours today!  

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