Can WORDS AND MUSIC change the world?

We Vow started with a song expressing a father’s love for his daughter and the things she showed him through the innocence of a child’s eye. Her insight inspired a larger mission.  

She sees them whispering after school
With daggers in their eyes, They gossip and glare. They lie and they taunt
They break her until she cries
— We Vow

Over the past two decades, Robert Cribb has spent his career as an investigative journalist documenting some of the darkest elements of society – hatred, corruption, greed, abuse and blindness to the humanity of others. 
In 2015, while teaching his daughter music, he listened to her talk about how she sees the world. Together, they sat down at the piano and began writing. The result – We Vow -- became a song for Ally’s school choir in Toronto. 
The light began to shine through and the seeds began to take root. 
Paula Griffith, Ally’s vocal coach and a renowned singer in Toronto, added her soaring voice to an early recording of the song. Then, the St. John School choir and young people from other choirs around the city wanted to participate in the cause. 
Through word of mouth, the message spread and interest in the community grew. 
Friends and musicians contributed to the song. A community of artists, media, designers -- everyone was moved to act. Dozens contributed their unique expertise and wisdom graciously to make this happen. 
The song is a representation of how the message of love can pull people together from different communities and interests to give of themselves for the common good. 
A journalist and his daughter, writing about the injustices of the world, vowed to make a difference. They used their words to make a change through the power of a song. 
Can a song change the world? It already has…