Make A Vow

There are a number of ways to engage with the We Vow movement:


1. MAKE A VOW to DO SOMETHING in your community to make it better. Volunteer to help those in need. Commit to befriending those at your school who are bullied or ignored. Hold a bake sale to generate donations for the local shelter. Host an event for new Canadians struggling to establish themselves in their new home. For more ideas, check out the vows below. 

2. WRITE A SONG on the WE VOW THEME of youth social justice and choosing love. 

3. WRITE A SHORT STORY OR POEM on the WE VOW THEME of youth social justice and choosing love. 

4. CREATE A VIDEO on the WE VOW THEME of youth social justice and choosing love. 

5. CREATE VISUAL ART on the WE VOW THEME of youth social justice and choosing love. From paint to pencil to poster, create imagery that gives voice to the message with power and meaning. 


Send it to us!

Report back with photos and stories of your community activism. The most inspiring tales of love in action will be featured on and add to a national wave of kindness. 

All artistic vows -- songs, writing, videos and visual art -- will be reviewed by panels of distinguished musicians, writers, broadcasters and visual artists who will choose the most inspiring to be featured on each month. We will promote the best examples far and wide.

And then....

To celebrate the incredible social justice activities and creativity unfolding across the country, we will host a gala event in Toronto in 2018 that will bring together some of the most amazing "vowers" -- from young community activists to musicians, writers and videographers -- to celebrate their accomplishments and build our movement. 

Need some help thinking of your Vow?  Here are a few ideas to use, or inspire your own:

  • I vow that if I witness acts of bullying, racism or intolerance I will speak out to authority figures.
  • I vow to hold my school officials accountable for maintaining an environment of tolerance and kindness
  • I vow that I will befriend and defend those who face cruelty and judgement
  • I vow to organize a used clothing drive in my neighborhood for the local shelter
  • I vow to organize a community event to celebrate all cultures at school
  • I vow to welcome outsiders – whether they are new Canadians or new neighbors – into my world with an open heart
  • I vow to gather friends together and clean garbage in the neighborhood park where children play
  • I vow to write a poem about the challenges of bullying and violence in schools
  • I vow to volunteer at a senior citizens’ home by reading to elderly residents who are unable to do so on their own
  • I vow to sell crafts at school and give the profits to a nearby women’s shelter
All vowers are invited to report back on their progress with stories, pictures and videos. Some of the most inspiring vows will be featured on a special page of each month, get shared with our growing network and become part of our inaugural gala event in April 2018. 


Your Vows IN action


We promise not to bully. Bullies might get in trouble. So always tell an adult.
— Thurgha, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 4

Rachel, OTTAWA 

Rachel started an initiative at her school sharing a special video message, vowing to stop bullying in their school. 

I vow to collect blankets, hats and mittens in my neighbourhood to donate to the homeless shelter. I don’t ever want those people to feel cold.
— Ally, Age 12, Toronto
We vow to not judge people by their skin colour
— Rachel, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 4
I vow to volunteer before school to help serve the school breakfast program. No child should ever have to be hungry and I want to make sure I show that with my actions.
— Hudson, Age 9, Toronto

Cindy, Mississauga

I vow to hold a sing-a-thon at school with the help of our choir teacher to raise money for the homeless shelter so that there is enough food for them to eat. 

Cindy, Age 8, Mississauga

We vow to donate clothes to homeless people and people in shelters
— Meno and Susan, Banting and Best P.S., Grade 5

Nathan, Halifax

Nathan, age 11, has vowed to gather friends together to clean up garbage at the neighborhood playground where children play. 

I vow to shovel snow for my neighbour who is older and can’t do it for herself. Every time it snows I will make sure her path is clear and she is safe inside.
— Michael, Age 10, Toronto